Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology looks at the ways in which we can explain disorders and behavior through cognitive processes. Learn about the Cognitive Approach and the studies, experiments and treatments relating to it.

Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Approach (Psychology)
Cognitive Approach (Psychology)

Introduction to the cognitive approach in psychology. Explanation and evaluation of this approach.
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Cognitive Psychology
Psychic or Cold Reading?
Psychology Reading Test

Take the psychology reading test and see what cold reading could say about you
Psychology Reading Test ›

Cognitive Psychology
Solving Life's Problems
Problem Solving

What techniques do we use to solve problems? A look at brainstorming, experimentation, introspection and simulation, with evaluations of each method.
Problem Solving ›

Cognitive Psychology
Animal Language
Animal Communication

How do animals communicate with each other? A look at the Lana project, Washoe, a comparison with human communication and evaluation of research.
Animal Communication ›

Cognitive Psychology
Measuring Intelligence
Intelligence Theory

A look at theories of human intelligence, and how we can categorize difference types of intelligence.
Intelligence Theory ›

Cognitive Psychology
How to Learn a Language
Language Acquisition

How do we learn languages? A look at theories of language acquisition with criticisms of these theories.
Language Acquisition ›

Stress Management
Are You Stressed?
Stress Test

Take the stress test and measure your stress levels.
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Psychology Issues
Think Rationally.
Rational Emotive Therapy

Overview to Rational Emotive Therapy as a treatment in psychology. Includes explanations of different developments in the RET field and an evaluation of the treatment.
Rational Emotive Therapy ›

Psychology Issues
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be used as a treatment. Article includes an introduction to CBT, exposure therapy, the Negative Triad as well as the successes and criticisms of the treatment.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ›

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