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Behavioral Psychology

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Behavioral Psychology aims to understand our actions by analysing the way that we outwardly behave. In this section, discover behavioral psychology and how it can be applied in treatment...

Behavioral Psychology
Behavioral Approach
Behavioral Approach

The behavioral approach explained: Introduction to the branches of behaviorism in psychology, assumptions of the approach and an evaluation.
Behavioral Approach ›
Tags: behavioral, approach

Behavioral Psychology
Methods in Behaviorism
Methodological Behaviorism

What is methodological behaviorism in psychology, and how does it differ from other types of behaviorism?
Methodological Behaviorism ›
Tags: methodological behaviorism, methodology, methods, observational

Behavioral Psychology
Classical Behaviorism
Classical Behaviorism

Overview and in-depth review of classical behaviorism in psychology.
Classical Behaviorism ›
Tags: classical behaviorism, behaviorism

Behavioral Psychology
Teleological Behaviorism
Teleological Behaviorism

Introduction to teleological behaviorism, a branch of the behavioral approach in psychology. Includes an overview, studies and evaluation of this approach.
Teleological Behaviorism ›
Tags: teleological behaviorism, behavior, behaviorism, teleology

Behavioral Psychology
How Skinner Shook the Behaviorism World
Radical Behaviorism

Overview of radical behaviorism, including behaviorism and determinism, conditioning, applications of radical behaviorism and criticisms of the approach
Radical Behaviorism ›
Tags: radical behaviorism, behavioral psychology, behavior, behaviour

Behavioral Psychology
Immerse to Overcome?

If you jumped out of a plane, would you overcome your fear of heights?
Flooding ›
Tags: flooding, fears, phobias

Behavioral Psychology
Bats & Goodwill
Altruism in Animals and Humans

Why Do We Help Other People? When Darwin introduced his theory of natural selection - often referred to as 'survival of the fittest' - he revolutionized and crystallized thought and theory in regards to how traits evolve in species.
Altruism in Animals and Humans ›
Tags: altruism

Behavioral Psychology
Shock Therapy
Aversion Therapy

Aversion therapy uses the behavioral approach principles that new behavior can be 'learnt' in order to overcome addictions, obsessions or, as demonstrated in Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange, violent behavior.
Aversion Therapy ›
Tags: electric shocks, treatments

Behavioral Psychology
Erikson's Stages of Human Development
Erikson's Stages of Human Development

Erik Erikson's theory on stages of human development
Erikson's Stages of Human Development ›
Tags: erikson, human development, stages

Behavioral Psychology
More on Altruism
More on Altruism

Why do vampire bats show kindness to each other, and is it a selfless act?
More on Altruism ›

Behavioral Psychology
Like a Carrot on a Stick
Stimulus-Response Theory

Explanation of how the Stimulus-Response theory explains our behavior in psychology.
Stimulus-Response Theory ›
Tags: stimulus response theory, behaviorism, behavioral

Behavioral Psychology
Flooding (Continued)

Information on flooding as a treatment for phobias
Flooding (Continued) ›
Tags: flooding, treatment

Behavioral Psychology
Behavioral Psychology

Articles on Behaviorism in psychology, including an overview of the behavioral approach branches of behaviorism, theories and treatments using behavioral psychology
Behavioral Psychology ›
Tags: behavioral psychology, behaviorism, behavioral approach, behavioural psychology

Behavioral Psychology
Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs
Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

What motivates humans? Maslow's heirarchy pyramid explains.
Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs ›
Tags: maslow, heirarchy of needs, motivation

Behavioral Psychology
To Run Or To Fight?
Fight or Flight Response

How the Fight-or-Flight response explains stress.
Fight or Flight Response ›
Tags: fight or flight, response, stress

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  6. Classical Behaviorism
  7. Methodological Behaviorism
  8. Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs
  9. Altruism in Animals and Humans
  10. Stimulus-Response Theory

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