Are You Neurotic? Test

Find out if you're neurotic with our free test.
Are You Neurotic? Test

Test your Neuroticism

1.  Am relaxed most of the time.

2.  Dislike myself.

3.  Worry about things.

4.  Panic easily.

5.  Am very pleased with myself.

6.  Rarely get irritated.

7.  Get stressed out easily.

8.  Am often down in the dumps.

9.  Seldom get mad.

10.  Fear for the worst.

11.  Am not easily frustrated.

12.  Am not easily bothered by things.

13.  Feel comfortable with myself.

14.  Often feel blue.

15.  Seldom feel blue.

16.  Have frequent mood swings.

17.  Remain calm under pressure.

18.  Feel threatened easily.

19.  Rarely lose my composure.

20.  Am filled with doubts about things.


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